Approximately 5-10 percent of the people living in an urban or industrial area has a nickel allergy which is the most common metal allergy. It results in skin irritation and itching. It also turns the skin of the person with metal allergy green. Habitual and regular exposure to the substance can increase the risk of developing the allergy, which can start at any age.

Many individuals who have to deal with sensitive skin already know through trial and error that nickel, copper, and steel can cause skin irritation and must be avoided as much as possible. The reality is that many fine jewelry pieces are made with metals that are fairly safe for people who have sensitive skin.

The best way to overcome the allergy and avoid its effects is to arm oneself with enough information regarding the best jewelry materials for your skin and just because you have sensitive skin that doesn’t mean that you have to forego fine jewelry altogether. The most skin-friendly fine jewelry materials that are available in the market in abundance are:

      Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is probably the least irritating metal that is used in jewelry and is something that is readily available in plenty. Yellow gold is almost completely pure and contains very little filler material. Yellow gold accessories are a staple for people with extremely sensitive skin.

      White Gold

White gold is usually made by mixing gold and silver which are neutral components and rarely cause any skin irritations. However, some people who have a severe allergy will experience mild irritation as a small amount of nickel is mixed in yellow gold to make it appear whiter. This can be overcome if the white gold jewelry is plated with rhodium which is fairly hypoallergenic.

      Rose Gold

Rose gold is a mixture of a variety of metals. Rose gold has a soft, warm pink hue which comes from mixing it with trace amounts of copper. People with extremely sensitive skin may experience some sort of a mild allergic reaction. However, opting for a mix that has less copper and a softer coloring is usually fine on the skin. It is a mostly hypoallergenic metal.


Silver is an amazing option for those with sensitive skin. It is much harder than gold and is a lot more affordable. If you are someone with extra sensitive skin then you should opt for jewelry made with sterling silver or .925 percent pure silver. This is because there may be a small percentage of other alloys, such as nickel, which may cause an allergic reaction and may cause your skin to acquire a green tint.


Titanium is one of the most hypoallergenic materials available in the market right now. Titanium jewelry is quickly becoming favorites for those with sensitive skin and small budgets. Titanium is a lot stronger and lighter than other metals used for making jewelry. Jewelry pieces made with titanium will not cause any skin irritation for those who have metal allergies or extremely sensitive skin.


Platinum is the most expensive and the most hypoallergenic materials on this list. Jewelry made with platinum is usually 95 percent pure and base metals such as nickel and copper are not used in the mixture. Platinum jewelry may be expensive but they do not need to be rhodium-plated like white gold to retain their luster, thus, they retain their white luster for decades.