Titanium is an extremely strong, silvery-white metal that was discovered in 1791 by William Gregor in Cornwall, UK. However, the metal was not produced in a pure form until 1910 when Matthew A. Hunter invented a method to produce 99.9% titanium.

Titanium is a very versatile metal that is light in weight and can be manipulated to create some spectacular colors. This makes it an appealing alternative for making jewelry with extremely expensive and rare metals like gold and platinum.

Titanium is a metal that is incredibly durable and hypoallergenic which makes it suitable for those with allergies to other metals and alloys. It is stronger than silver or white gold and lighter than platinum. Untreated titanium is a silvery-white metal and after heat treatment, it exhibits a rainbow of color options. Thus, by oxidizing, the metal jewelers can create a rich spectrum of colors that include bright cobalt blue or even a rich purple.

Using titanium, jewelry designers can create more delicate jewels and statement jewelry that is less cumbersome to wear. Titanium is resistant to corrosion from substances such as saltwater and chlorine.

99 percent titanium is known as commercially pure titanium which lasts for several decades, however, titanium alloys which contain 6 percent aluminum, 4 percent vanadium, 0.25 percent iron, and 0.2 percent oxygen are extremely durable and malleable and are mostly used in jewelry.

Titanium is an extremely affordable metal due to their abundance. However, some buyers may see it as a “cheap” metal and would not consider it to be as classy as gold or platinum as they are very rare metals.

Titanium jewelry can be more fun than other metals due to the fact that they can be electrolytically colored using a process known as anodizing. Titanium may be hard and brittle but it can be carved, engraved, or etched to create intriguing contrasts, brighter colors, and even different finishes.

There are a ton of titanium jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, and fancy colored body jewelry available in the market. Therefore, if you are on a lookout for a comfortable, lightweight, and durable piece of jewelry at extremely affordable rates then titanium jewelry are the best options for you.