Global Gems Jewellery - FAQs


Global Gems Jewellery is a professional online platform that deals with everything connected to gems and precious metals. It acts more like an eco-system than a website. Just like an eco-system where each element is interrelated and interdependent, Global Gems Jewellery provides an equal opportunity for everyone registered on the website to connect with each other and grow their businesses.

The primary role of Global Gems Jewellery is to bring together a large number of jewel traders on a single platform and form a wide network that is mutually beneficial to everyone involved. The Global Gems Jewellery network ushers in a new era of online gem and Jewellery trading that brings many sellers together in a streamlined and efficient trade market environment.

All the registered participants can use the Global Gems Jewellery in many ways. Such as-

Selling Precious Gemstones and Jewellery

Global Gems Jewellery is a website where you can sell your precious gems and jewellery. You can freely consult our customer service executives that are available 24/7 to address any questions or doubts that you may have about our services. There are tons of benefits of selling your Jewellery through our site. You can easily influence a larger demographic and earn a greater profit margin by using our services.

Showcasing New Designs

The Global Gems Jewellery is a worldwide stage that you can use to showcase your new Jewellery designs and collections. If you are a budding Jewellery designer or a newly established brand, this is an amazing way for you to promote your designs and popularize your work. You can use this extremely convenient platform to market your Jewellery designs on various social media platforms without overwhelming your newly established brand. You can quickly and effortlessly go from being a small-time seller to a Jewellery mogul!


The Global Gems Jewellery website is an effective tool that can help a Jewellery retailer's reputation in the Jewellery industry through our wide and extensive network of jewellers from all around the world. If you are a newly established brand and are facing many challenges with various aspects your business, you can ask advice from other retailers and Jewellery retail experts about how to overcome these barriers. If you are an experienced "player" in the industry, you can offer advice to your peers and can increase your influence in the jewel industry.

Keeping Up With The Industry Trends

To be successful in the Jewellery industry it is very important for you to keep up with the trends in the industry and the market, as they are constantly changing. We provide you with relevant and updated information through newsletters and blog articles from reputed agencies and firms. The website provides you comprehensive and intelligent information for smart jewellery business owners so that you can stay ahead of the curve with industry reports and the latest information, news, and events in the market. Using our resourceful articles and statistics you can stay on top of the trends in the market. Global Gems Jewellery gives you the opportunity to gather invaluable information to formulate your business strategies and also helps you to keep track of your competitors.

Monitoring The Prices Of Gemstones and Precious Metals

The prices of gemstones and precious metals fluctuate constantly. As Jewellery is a labor-intensive industry, the prices of labor also keep fluctuating. Keeping a close eye on the prices of gemstones and precious metals is very important for success in the Jewellery industry. Therefore, the Global Gems Jewellery website is equipped with a mechanism that will enable all the members that are registered on our network to be constantly informed about the changes in the prices of gemstones and precious metals all around the world. This helps to properly evaluate the value of the Jewellery without being subjective in any way.

Connects Candidates To Employers In The Industry

The Global Gems Jewellery website acts as an employment website that connects individuals who are well versed with gems and Jewellery to hundreds of potential employers from around the world. There are tons of job opportunities available on our portal that provides lucrative salary packages to deserving candidates. It is the largest niche employment portal in India. Our website also provides information regarding job trends, industry trends, salary search, job competition index, and website forums. The website acts as a database for resumes that only the registered employers can access.

Connecting Artisans To Jewelers

Behind every elegant piece of jewellery, there is an artisan that carefully crafted every aspect of the ornament. The Jewellery industry is an extremely labor-intensive industry. The Global Gems Jewellery website helps to connect jewel artisans and laborers to Jewelers all around the world through our strong social network. Many jewel artisans around the world usually don't have the means to sell their work on the international market. The Global Gems Jewellery website helps them to reach customers on a global scale. This helps the local artisans and jewellers to flourish on a national and international stage.

Online Exhibition Platform

Online exhibitions are becoming increasingly popular in the Jewellery industry as they help to generate a lot of interest among patrons about the jewels. The Global Gems Jewellery is an amazing platform where you can hold virtual exhibitions of rare gems and Jewellery in cyberspace. The website helps the jewellery exhibitioners to reach a large audience, solves your preservation problems, and significantly reduces the production charges (insurance, shipping, installation). It provides access to exclusive information and high-resolution images of the Jewellery collection to anyone who is registered on our network.

Jewel Auctions

The Global Gems Jewellery website acts as an online arena where many big players in the jewel industry auction beautiful pieces of Jewellery and precious gems. Many buyers can bid on the Jewellery simultaneously and the highest bidder wins the jewellery. The buyers can transfer the money to the seller in any way they want as long as the sellers accept payments made that way. It is an economical and convenient way to safely auction off a beautiful piece of Jewellery and precious & rare gemstones as our auction charges are below ordinary auction house charges. Our gems and Jewellery experts ensure that the jewels that are sold are authentic and sold at the right price.

World's Largest Gems & Jewellery Trading System

Global Gems Jewellery is the world's largest online network for professionals in the Jewellery industry. We provide comprehensive solutions to our registered users to grow their jewellery business quickly and effectively. Our website is specially designed to make global Jewellery trading easy by efficiently sourcing, selling, and trading gemstones, rare colored stones, and Jewellery to Jewellery retailers and connoisseurs worldwide. We help you to work smarter and take advantage of every single opportunity in the market.

Global Gems Jewellery is a portal developed by an experienced team of gem and Jewellery experts to make online trading easier. It features versatile product listings, search functions, online stores, and e-marketing solutions that specifically cater to the global gem trade. The Global Gems Jewellery network provides all our registered members a sense of confidence while using our services. You can find exactly what you need, quickly and easily as the website provides you with a full range of e-commerce and Jewellery marketing solutions. There are many reasons why you should choose Global Gems jewellery, some of which include-

It is a single all-inclusive online platform for all your gems and Jewellery trading needs.

It acts as a self-sufficient and independent eco-system where all the members registered on our network are provided with ample opportunities to grow and succeed in the jewellery industry.

You can sell exquisite gems and Jewellery at the best rates in the market.

If you are a newly established brand, using our trading platform can easily increase your profit margin as it significantly reduces the marketing and promotional charges that you require to make the public and your peers aware of your brand and products.

We do not charge any transaction fee or ask for a commission on the sale of any of your products.

Global Gems Jewellery connects Jewellery traders, retailers, artisans, and manufacturers from all around the world on a single extensive platform.

It is a smart and dynamic website which allows you to customize your search results pages to view items according to your personal preference.